Hannah & Dave



In normal circumstances we'd offer our home to anyone, any time!!

Unfortunately our house isn't big enough for everyone and we are going to keep our home free as a meet up point or for get togethers.

Air B&B
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If you can get a few people together why not try hiring an Air B&B.

This can keep costs low and you can get a variety of share homes, some even with swimming pools if you are splashing out!

If you find a place we are happy to check it out for you - just give us a shout and we can let you know what the area is like etc ...
Burns Beach Sunsets Village
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This is a great place on the coast near our home. It is pretty basic and more of a caravan park but you won't get a better view of the amazing sunset over the sea!
Christopher Podmore Residence
5 Stars
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Chris has kindly offered his home for the lads!
website link
Similar to Air B&B but a site just for accommodation in Australia.