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28 June 2018
All flights and accommodation booked! Now to figure out how to keep 3 very exited children entertained on the journey! Can't wait!

Joanna, Bethany, Emily & James x
Dutch Contingent
17 June 2018
The Bolton Nederlanders are booked up! Arrive oin Perth18 April (Sammy still at school so have to minimize length of time we take him out!). Leave on 27 April to Bali. Any recommendations Hannah/Dave to stay in Bali would be greatly received! Wooo hooo!!
Mum & Pops
14 May 2018
We're nearly ready are you?

Flights & accommodation booked!

Just the speech to think about now 😬🤔 🤓

Love Mum & Pops XX
Julie & Tom
13 May 2018
We booked our flights on Friday morning and have booked accommodation today at Perth Beachside Holiday House, 6025!
Will have to hire a car but maybe not from the airport if we can get to accommodation some other way......plenty of time!! Something great to look forward too.
Rachel Hilton
23 April 2018
Hi Hannah and Dave, it's so exciting to look through your site and hear all your plans! I saw Sarah last weekend and had a good natter, it all sounds brilliant!

I'm afraid I'm still not 100% decided yet about whether I can come or not. I know now, that my friend will definitely still be living in Perth, so that's spurring me on for a double whammy of coming to you and seeing her too.

I think I might need to bite the bullet and get a credit card!!!

Is there a date you need to know by? If it gets to a point when you need to know for sure, then just let me know and I'll make a decision.

Sending you both loads of love and all the best for the coming plans!

Rach xxx
Linz & Gaz
23 April 2018
We are just waiting on flights to be released hopefully be booking in the next couple of weeks! Hannnah i love this page 🙂 #taylorstietheknot
Stacey Russell
21 April 2018
Absolutely love the webpage!! What a brilliant idea!

We can't waiit xxx
Liz & Chris
7 November 2017
We never said thank you for our Save the Date!! - Thank you. Having a little nosey now at all your plans. The venue looks amazing (and a BYO venue?!!? winner!!!) :). We're really hoping we can make it but will see how life plays out in the next few months xx
Julie & Tom
27 September 2017
Love the website, great idea!! We hope to come to Australia again in 2019!🤞✈️
Sammy Sheldon
18 September 2017
First chance I've had to really sit down and look through this guys.
Bloody brilliant!
Can't wait.